Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Short Scar (or Mini) Facelift

Short Scar Facelift / Mini Facelift / J-Lift

About short scar facelift

A short scar facelift, or J-lift, uses small incisions to tighten underlying facial muscle tissue and remove sagging skin. Short scar lifts are meant for patients with less significant facial aging and tend to have a shorter recovery than the traditional facelift.

What is recovery like after short scar facelift?

Patients are typically in minimal pain and transition to taking Tylenol within 48 hours. With makeup, most patients are ready for social activity in 7-10 days.

What outcome can you expect from a short scar facelift?

Overall rejuvenation of the lower face is expected after recovery. A refinement of the cheek and jawline tissues can be easily seen. Most patients note that their friends and colleagues often ask if they’ve gotten a good night’s sleep or appear well rested, as the results achieved are both effective and natural.


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