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Earlobe Repair/Reduction

Whether due to the frequent wearing of heavy earrings, gauged ear piercings or a specific accidental tearing event, earlobes are at risk. Frequently, the earlobes demonstrate stretching, tearing or keloid scarring formation(scar tissue). Tears of the earlobe are often very visible and concerning to patients, due to the earlobe’s location. Earlobe repair can fix the split of the earlobe, enabling you to wear earrings once more.

Earlobe reduction is a surgical procedure that removes drooping or enlarged portion of the earlobe, giving the ear a more youthful, sleeker appearance. Patients typically notice their enlarged earlobes are both bothersome and aging are looking for a minimal downtime procedure with high success.

What is involved with earlobe repair/reduction?

Earlobe repair is a ½ to 1-hour procedure, done in the office with local anesthesia (patient awake during the procedure). Earlobe reduction typically requires a 1-hour stay at the office. During the procedure, portions of the scarred or redundant/enlarged earlobe are removed and stitches are placed to make the earlobe whole once more. Downtime after earlobe repair is minimal, and recovery is typically pain-free. A follow-up appointment is required for stitch removal 5-7 days after the procedure.


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