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Body lift following weight loss

After losing a significant amount of weight through diet, exercise, and/or bariatric surgery, many people are left with excess skin that is uncomfortable for both functional and cosmetic reasons. Once the skin has been stretched out, it often will not retract with weight loss, leaving extra layers that get in the way of exercise and can cause rashes, back pain, and other problems.  In addition, that extra skin prevents clothes from fitting properly and keeps people from attaining the smooth body contour they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our surgeons have the skill and experience to remove the excess skin left after major weight loss, minimizing scars and freeing you to enjoy the benefits of all your hard work. They use a variety of procedures to remove tissue from the upper arms (brachioplasty), abdomen (panniculectomy), thighs (thigh lift), and even the entire trunk (trunk lift). This type of surgery can smooth and slim your body contour, improving your ability to enjoy and function in your new body.

Dr. Showalter on body contouring after weight loss


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