Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Lip Lift

An upper lip lift can drastically improve the aesthetic of one’s smile and facial proportions. Dr. Showalter is committed to tailoring the procedure for each patient to create youthful, natural-looking results. The procedure can create a more proportional smile and reduce the signs of aging around the mouth.

What is a lip lift?

The upper lip lift is a same-day, 40-minute procedure in which the patient is awake but numbed. The solution to improving an elongated upper lip is to reduce the length of the upper lip area. By surgically removing the tissue beneath the nose, the lips can be made to look lifted and the smile more attractive. Luckily, the incision is placed directly at the base of the nose, with little to no visibility of the scar over time.

What is the recovery like?

Swelling should subside within 1-2 weeks and tightness should diminish within a few months. Mild discomfort may occur but should not hinder day-to-day tasks.


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