Facial Plastic Surgery

The decision to undergo facial surgery can be overwhelming but also extremely exciting.

Every consultation we see starts with a story about what brings the patient to wanting to change something about the face they show to the world. Just as each face is unique, each patient has an individual motivation and desired outcome are also individual. Hearing that story and determining our goals for treatment is what your initial consultation is all about.

From your first consultation, a plan for treatment will usually take shape. With this plan in mind, most patients will go through 5 stages:

  • Stage 1: Initial consultation
Stage 2: (optional): Secondary consultation with a decision to move forward with surgery
  • Stage 3: Pre Operative Visit
  • Stage 4: Surgery
  • Stage 5: Post Operative Visits

These five steps are crafted specifically to help guide both the patients and us as the providers through developing a relationship and a rapport so that common goals for treatment are established. Also, this communication is critical for preparing you for both surgery and recovery. We do not rush into intervention, making you feel comfortable at every step of the stages.

At the time of the preoperative counseling visit, our team will spend a lot of time going over crucial information. Through experience, we have found that a prepared patient is an empowered patient. We go over specific the dos and don’ts, carefully crafted post-op instructions for speedy recovery, and give you a full understanding of what you should expect to experience along the way. Most importantly, we are always here for any questions or concerns throughout the process.

We know that despite the desire to better your appearance, surgery can be a difficult decision to make. We are with you through the process and will guide you towards your best outcome possible. 

If you are thinking about facial or body surgery, please call the Center for Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation at (434)654-8920.

Our Surgical Face Procedures


About facelift A facelift is one of the most commonly performed procedures at our practice and provides a remarkable improvement in your appearance. This procedure is the ideal treatment for correcting a sagging jawline, fallen cheeks, and an unpleasing neckline. …

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Eyelid Rejuvenation

A philosopher once wrote, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” No truer words have been written. The eyes convey emotion and intention, they are the center point for human interaction, and most importantly – they provide us our …

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Brow Lift/Forehead Lift

Whether it be gravity, sun damage, or facial deflation, the eyebrows can descend to a position that is displeasing. Because we are driven to see clearly, patients with low brows often raise their brows during conversation and times of concentration, …

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Septoplasty is surgery on the internal structure (midline divider) of the nose to improve breathing if the septum is deviated or causing nasal obstruction. During a septoplasty, our experts straighten and reposition the nasal septum in the middle of your nose. …

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Chin Augmentation

A well-defined chin and jawline are key components to an attractive, balanced face. As such, we often find that deficiencies in the chin keep the face from being in harmony. Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves the …

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Ear Pinning (Otoplasty)

Otoplasty is a cosmetic ear surgery aimed at changing the shape, position, or size of the ears. Often, a patient seeking otoplasty for themselves or their children have been bothered by the shape and protrusion (sticking out) of their ears …

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Earlobe Repair/Reduction

Whether due to the frequent wearing of heavy earrings, gauged ear piercings or a specific accidental tearing event, earlobes are at risk. Frequently, the earlobes demonstrate stretching, tearing or keloid scarring formation(scar tissue). Tears of the earlobe are often very …

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Facial Fat Transfer

One of the telltale signs of facial aging is the loss of youthful facial volume. This typically begins in and around menopause for women or when body fat drops and can be seen in all areas of the face and …

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Mole/Lesion Removal

For some people, the presence of a mole or lesion can be very distressing. Excision can be performed with cosmetic skin closure to remove these moles with care. When performed by our skilled plastic surgeons, scarring can be minimized. Your …

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction after Mohs Surgery

Mohs micrographic surgery is a procedure for the removal of certain skin cancer types. Mohs surgery is performed by local, board-certified dermatologists, also known as “Mohs Surgeons” who will layer-by-layer, remove skin cancers from the face and body. After the …

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Hair Restoration

A full head of hair suggests attractiveness and vitality, and can be ego-boosting both personally and professionally. Hair loss is a near epidemic for both male and female populations, with approximately 50 million men and 25 million women suffering from …

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Lip Lift

An upper lip lift can drastically improve the aesthetic of one’s smile and facial proportions. Dr. Showalter is committed to tailoring the procedure for each patient to create youthful, natural-looking results. The procedure can create a more proportional smile and …

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Neck Lift

A neck lift involves treating the sagging skin and muscle of the aging neck. It is usually performed as a portion of a facelift, however may be performed as a standalone procedure if the patient is satisfied with his or …

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Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping)

Second only to the eyes, the nose is the most prominent feature of the face. When the nose does not exist in harmony with the remainder of the face, it can be very distressing to the patient. Rhinoplasty is surgery …

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Short Scar (or Mini) Facelift

About short scar facelift A short scar facelift, or J-lift, uses small incisions to tighten underlying facial muscle tissue and remove sagging skin. Short scar lifts are meant for patients with less significant facial aging and tend to have a …

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Submental Liposuction

Liposuction under the chin and neck can be used to make the neck and chin slimmer, and bring it into proportion with the face. During this procedure, small incisions are made behind the ears and under the chin. Using a …

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