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About facelift

A facelift is one of the most commonly performed procedures at our practice and provides a remarkable improvement in your appearance. This procedure is the ideal treatment for correcting a sagging jawline, fallen cheeks, and an unpleasing neckline. The techniques of facelifts have significantly evolved in the last 10 years. Patients now experience newer and better techniques to relocate the deeper tissues of the face and neck, without the telltale signs of facelift surgery. These advanced techniques give both a more natural and also longer lasting result.

What part of the face is affected by a facelift?

The term “facelift” does not nearly describe all that this surgery can accomplish. A better descriptor for the surgery is a “lower face and full neck lift”. A facelift surgically addresses the lower portion of the face targeting primarily the lower cheek, nasal folds, jowls and jawline. The neck is also improved by removing the fat and excess tissue beneath the chin and rejuvenating sagging neck tissues.

Who is an ideal candidate for a facelift?

The ideal candidate for a facelift is a patient that is seeing facial signs of aging. The typical patient is 45 years old and above and wishes to improve his or her appearance.

How long is recovery from a facelift?

Facelift patients can expect to recover within 1 to 2 weeks. Patients are seen post-operatively many time in stages for suture removal and incision evaluation. Bruising and swelling is to be expected, most of which subside within 2 weeks.

Is there discomfort from a facelift?

Most patients do not find facial surgery to be very painful. The vast majority of patients only need to take prescription strength pain medication for 48 hours before transitioning to acetaminophen for pain control.

Will a facelift leave a scar?

A facelift incision is strategically placed in the hidden areas in front of and behind the ear, in order to be barely perceptible after healing. Although there is time for healing of the scars, our providers pride themselves on closure techniques for facelifts so that even your hairdresser may be left guessing.



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